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Everyone in this world wants to go to a nest after having a busy schedule in a whole day. The nest in which we rushed at the end of the day is called home, and it’s everyone’s dream to live in a lavish, luxurious home which can give us all those comforts that we are crawling for a whole busy day. Trump Tower Gurgaon India is an ultra-luxurious residency skyline project which will provide such support and sophistication.

What’s different about the Trump Tower in Gurgaon?

This tower is backed by one of world’s most famous real estate company Trump Organization which is currently run by the son of the current president of United States of America, Donald Trump. However, the Trump Organization won’t finance the project, but it is a collaboration between the National Capital Region-based real estate primary M3M and Tribeca Developer of Mumbai. There will be two parallel towers in the project which will house the lavish and luxurious flats. This skyline is going to give the whole city a new look and a new address to the National Capital Region.

Things you should know about Trump Tower 

The tower is covering an area of sixty acres in sector 65 of the millennium city of the country. The tower is going to give the residents a luxurious and peaceful lifestyle and a breath-taking view of the National Capital Region. The tower is going to have stunning architecture, beautiful interior design and generous amenity spaces. To make the project exclusive, the height of every floor will be 3.75 meters where universal floor height is considered as 3.15metres. To give the resident’s penthouse feeling a third of the floor will have a height of twenty feet high living halls.

An indoor pool will be made whose temperature can be controlled according to the comfort of residents. The other eye-catching features of the project will be a spa, fitness centre, an excellent dining restaurant and in-residence catering. For workaholic and business-oriented residents, there will be a business centre. With a height of two hundred meters, the size of the project will be 3625-6000 square feet worth to an estimated amount of 5.20 crore. The tower will have a total of two hundred fifty apartments from which already twenty apartments are sold worth 150 crores in just a single day. The project is expected to be completed in 2023 by which time Donald Trump may run for his third presidential election.

Trump Tower gurgaon

Trump Tower Delhi NCR in Sector 65 Gurgaon

The tower will bear the name of a brand of American President Donald Trump. Trump Organization earlier had three other projects of the same kind in Mumbai, Kolkata and Pune. Pune project is the oldest. Mumbai and Pune projects were launched before the presidential era of Donald Trump begins. Mumbai and Pune, Both the project total have around 420 blocks from which sixty per cent apartments are already sold out. The Gurgaon projects are the fourth project by the Trump Organization after the success of earlier two projects. Regarding size, the Gurgaon projects can grab the second position after the Mumbai project.

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Trump Tower Gurgaon

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Trump Tower Gurgaon is a luxurious residency project backed by one of the world’s most dominating real estate groups, The Organization and is here to take over the Millennium City by a storm. This project is a beautifully designed residency than spans over a prime land of sixty acres located at the Golf Course Extension Road in Gurgaon. The breath-taking project is set out to be the most dominating premium residency standing over at a magnanimous height of two hundred meters that is determined to rule the skylines of the entire National Capital Region. This residential project will have over two hundred and fifty apartments that are cleverly designed to offer its residents with the most luxurious lifestyle and a peaceful home. This one of a kind Project has sold out over twenty apartments worth 150 crores in just a single day. The established Trump Tower projects in Mumbai and Pune have been a grand success and have sold over sixty percent of all 402 units thanks to the quality guaranteed by the Trump Organization.

Trump Tower Sector 65 Gurgaon

The Trump Tower offers its residents with apartments that are ostentatiously costly and luxurious ranging from an amazing 3500 square foot to a whopping 6500 square foot that is availed at a price range that starts from 5.20 crores going up to 10.20 crores. The Trump Tower at Gurgaon will be the world’s most recognized address and the fourth Trump project executed in India that offers its residents an apartment that is mind-blowing, an architectural beauty with stunning interiors and sumptuously rich amenities. All of The apartments in this project are designed with intelligence, creativity, and passion to bring you and your family a home with the stunning aesthetics, luxury and comfort that rivals the likes of any five-star hotel in the world. All apartments feature kitchens that are fully equipped, spacious and airy balconies, en-suite bathrooms.